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Royal Dynasty – A Slot Game Review

Royal Dynasty is a slot game made by the Novomatic company and it can offer a lot of prizes and a nice story. The...

The Lure of Fantasy Sports

If you hadn’t noticed already, fantasy sports are sweeping the world over. Wives from every country are asking themselves, “Weren’t there enough real sports...

Safety of Your Money at Live Casinos

The online casino is gaining popularity and you might be one who’s already reaping wins after wins or you might be the one who’s...

Fascinating Facts about the Cheltenham Festival

If you love horse racing, then we guarantee that the Cheltenham Festival is the highlight of your racing calendar and this year’s event is...

Playtech Update: Big Wins and Knockbacks

Playtech, the FTSE 250 international online gaming company established in 1999, has in recent years dominated the industry as part of a triumvirate, along...

All About Faust Slot Game

The game story is inspired from a classic german legend. The game depicts it quite nicely it has many elements that refers to this...

A brief and interesting history of slots and online casinos

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the online casino world, whether it’s not your first experience with online slots, there’s a chance you...

Gambling in Canada: An Overview

When you ask your friends or family about gambling, they would probably answer something about playing online games using their personal computer or their...

If the odds change after you place a bet what happens?

If you are thinking of placing a bet at an online sportsbook you may be wondering what happens if the odds change after you...

Careers Convention for SiGMA and MALTA GAMING WEEK

The mantra “As strong as your weakest link” never applied better than in the case of Human Resources. Many gaming companies based in Malta...

How strong is my pre-flop hand?

In Texas Hold’em, like in life, you can’t help what cards you’re dealt. But, also like in life, you can certainly choose how you...

Mourinho at Man United – What Can we Expect?

With Mourinho at the helm big things will be expected from Manchester United next season. But can the Portuguese deliver in his first season in charge?

The US and the UK betting market

The United States has a very large gambling market. Las Vegas in Nevada is one of the most famous gambling locations in the world...

The online casino effect: How online casinos are benefiting the gaming...

Technology has advanced exponentially in the last 10+ years, with the creation of the internet, mobile technologies and social media. These advancements have meant...

What is the best way to invest your jackpot winnings?

A survey asked the public what they would purchase first after a win. Turns out it's very easy for people to make bad investments straight off the bat.