Saturday, December 16, 2017

US Election Betting Trends Ahead of Super Tuesday 3

The chart analysis for both the primaries and nominations’ betting markets predict how the odds will play out following Super Tuesday’s results.

How to exploit a drifting odds’ reversal in football betting

We don't need strictly declining odds for our bets to work out. Even when betting odds are drifting, we can still exploit them as long as they reverse.

Gambling vs. Betting and what the Favourite-Longshot Bias has got to...

Guys who bet aren’t necessarily the same as guys who gamble. Although the line between the two is fine. In my opinion, there is...

Can “Bing Predicts” predict odds movements and value bets?

Having trouble estimating the chance of a team winning their next NFL game? Bing predicts can help and it might actually point out odds likely to shorten!

How to make sure your betting system is a winner

After a number of bets testing your strategy, your capital is significantly increased. Is your system a winner or you simply got lucky?

Why are Boca Juniors’ odds skyrocketing?

Betting odds are moving strongly in favor of Rosario Central in their Primera Division game vs Boca Juniors. Is betting on Rosario justifiable at this time?

Are the ‘big five’ quarterbacks still the best in the business

For a number of years, the best quarterbacks in the NFL has been an elite group of players who appeared on a different level...

Betting Smart: The Do’s and Don’ts

Ask any Australian about his or her chances to outsmart the bookie with a gamble and they will reply that today may be their...

Premier League Betting: Who to back and who to avoid

The Premier League is renowned for its fierce competition and surprise results. The wealth of top players spread across numerous clubs creates a highly...

Selecting an outright winner acca

With so much of the football season left to play, the idea of selecting outright winners and league champions may seem like an impossible...

Top 7 Baseball Betting Tips

Betting on baseball is a great way to have fun and earn some easy money in the process, but as with any other form...
Son Heung-min

Tottenham Hotspurs sign Son Heung-min from Bayer Leverkusen

English Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspurs has signed South Korean player Son Heung-min. The South Korean was a player with Bayer Leverkusen and is...

The Over/Under System in the MLB Explained

Need to put more research into betting over/unders? Let’s look at some tips and a quick explanation to give you a headstart on your next over/under bet.

The Premier League Is Finally Back

It’s been a long summer. Last year we had the World Cup in Brazil keeping us warm, but this year…Well, golf tournaments, Wimbledon and le Tour de France are all good, but they’re mere crumpets for football fans.

How Roland Garros’ Results Influence Wimbledon Betting Markets

Past performance does not guarantee future results, they say. Yet, while Roland Garros was on, sports bettors were betting on Wimbledon, moving the lines.