Mermaids Millions is one of the oldest slot titles available today. Coming from Microgaming, it is unlike any of the recent names in the business. Mermaids Millions is simple, straightforward, and manages to provide the old world charm. One can even go as far as saying that the graphics of the game is rather outdated – especially in comparison with other Microgaming titles available. Yet, the slot game still feels relevant today due to the availability of some cool bonus elements and the opportunity to win a sizeable sum of money. The game offers a five reel and 15 payline set-up.

Design and Graphics

A great way to look at Mermaids Millions is as a classic slot. In this regard, the Mermaids Millions manages to bring back the nostalgic elements of every slot title of the past. As the name of the title suggests, it is based on the mermaid theme and consists of all the aquatic element. The fast paced nature of the game is a standout element, and plenty of detail has gone into every aspect of the game so as to keep it going even at a time when the focus is all upon bonus rounds.


The symbols on the game has several unique elements and come with decent amount of detail. The mermaid is used as the scatter symbol on the game. A treasure chest happens to be one of the valuable symbols on the game, as it would trigger the bonus rounds. The wild symbol is the King Neptune, which is bestowed the ability to replace every other symbol on the reel aside from the bonus and scatter symbols. Purely in terms of value, the wild symbol is placed in the upper end of the spectrum. Five of the wild symbol in the reels will be able to pay out a whopping 7,500 coins.

Bonus Features

There are two major bonus rounds on this game:

Free Spins Bonus

The free spins may be a common bonus of the slot industry, but it happens to be bestowed with powerful responsibilities on this Mermaid Millions slot. Part of the reason could be the absence of dedicated bonus rounds as in the case of modern slot titles. The free spins feature on this game can be triggered by the scatter symbols.

Players get up to 10 free spins, which is a reasonable figure. One of the disadvantages with classic slots is the lack of depth when it comes to free spins features, and the Mermaid Millions is no different. Players only receive these 10 free spins and no more, but there is a multiplier within the feature which could bring about a substantial change. The 10 free spins occur alongside a 3X multiplier, which surely spices up things. Furthermore, this feature can be retriggered by landing more scatter symbols in the reels.

The free spins happens to be the single most rewarding feature on the game to occur quite often.

Treasure Bonus

The treasure bonus is used as a backup to the free spins and provide value to the player. It can be triggered by getting the bonus symbol, which is represented by the treasure chest, on three or more numbers in the paylines. Now, the player will be given the opportunity to select from a number of treasure chests which are set in an underwater theme. Each chest hides a cash prize and a player can rack up sizeable wins using this feature.


The Mermaid Millions happens to be one of the oldest offerings from Microgaming. While it does fall into the category of classic slots, it can provide some great experiences especially with two of its bonus rounds. If stunning graphics from a slot game is the need of the hour, there are certainly much better options in the form of the Thunderstruck 2 or Game of Thrones. Yet, the Mermaid Millions is a great offering for those who wants the nostalgic slot feeling while also getting the added advantage of bonus features. This may not be the game for sizeable wins even on the base game, as a huge chunk of the treasures are found in those two bonus rounds. Keeping it simple and waiting for those bonus rounds happens to be one of the best strategies for this game.