The online casino industry is a relatively new thing but many fields have already been regulated by law. Thanks to these acts, many non-legal activities have been discovered, including those criminal ones. As a result, the number of fines is growing constantly. Various online houses have paid millions, so here are some of the biggest fines that have been recorded so far. 

Skybet – 1 Million GBP 

This online casino has been fined  1.008.600 GBP as the Gambling Commission has discovered that the house breached regulations in several ways. First of all, it allowed self-excluded gamblers to open duplicate accounts and, in that way, allowed addicted gamblers to continue with their activities. More than 700 addicted gamblers opened duplicate accounts between 2014 and 2017.  

Another violation this house made was sending promotional materials to more than 50.000 self-exiled players via emails, smartphone apps etc. Finally, Skybet failed to refund almost 37.000 self-exiled customers after they closed their accounts. 

32Bet – £2 Million  

This fine is particularly interesting, as it refers to the casino’s dealing with a single customer. The thing with this case is that the house has allowed the player to deposing an enormous amount of money, around 758.000 pounds. Of course, the deposit by itself isn’t a problem, but what’s been the issue is that the house has failed to check the customer’s source of wealth. According to the current regulations, this is a kind of standard procedure, a part of so-called anti-money laundering responsibility. As a result, 2 million British pounds is the judgment. If you are looking for online casinos to play at – Casinomartini is probably the best source to find regulated and trustworthy casinos. 

Gala Interactive – 2.3 Million 

Here is another case that is interesting not just because of the fine, but because of the whole story too. From what we know, 1.3 million pounds were stolen by two persons, who made a deposit with the same money and eventually lost it. Just like with the previous case, the house failed to check the sources of money, which resulted in a pretty big 2.3 million fine. Of course, the stolen sum was returned, while the rest of the fine was donated for further gambling addiction studies. If you wonder what’s happened with the gamblers, they have been sentenced and will spend a lot of time in prison. 

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William Hill – £6.2 million 

William Hill still sounds great in our ears and we consider it one of the biggest names in the business. However, its reputation isn’t as it used to be, thanks to a breach that happened recently. First of all, the house has failed to report obvious signs of gambling addiction of many players. More importantly, this online casino allowed 10 players to deposit money that is connected with criminal offenses. Obviously, this is a pretty big anti-money laundering issue. So, it’s no wonder that the whole case has ended with a huge fine that goes all-away up to £6.2 million. That’s something you definitely wouldn’t expect from such a highly reputable name in the business. 

888 – 7.8 Million 

It looks like the biggest fines are reserved for those with the highest reputation. So, one of the biggest fines in the history of online betting went to 888, the company that paid 7.8 million pounds as it failed to protect vulnerable customers. 

The thing with this case is that the house made some huge procedure omissions in order to protect vulnerable gamblers. More than 7.000 customers, who decided to take a break, made a combined deposit of more than 3.5 million points. Just one of them spend 1.3 million on betting and to make things worse, some of that money was stolen.   

It’s obvious that 888 has failed to protect addicted gamblers, so the fine seems quite expected. Of course, all the money has been refunded, while the rest has been donated to different kinds of social programs related to gambling problems. 

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