How to Draw a Trendline on a Betting Graph

Drawing a trendline on a betting chart indicates if odds are dropping or drifting. That shows whether people believe there is value at those odds or not.

Sports Trading is Sports Betting on steroids!

Sports trading promises more profit potential and a greater return on investment (ROI) in comparison to conventional sports betting. Why's that?

Sports Betting and Trading: Are you ready for the switch?

Sports betting and trading: More and more bettors think sports trading is an easier way to make money compared to the traditional sports betting.

Sports Trading in Online Betting. Do you know what it means?

In online betting, sports trading is a combination of two or more bets which are placed on speculation for an anticipated outcome before it’s decided.

French Open 2013: How to trade the tournament winner

Tennis trading at the French Open 2013. Technical analysis on Nadal, Djokovic and Federer's graphs reveals setups that sports traders should try exploiting.

Formula 1 Bahrain GP: Nico Rosberg’s surprise

Betfair trading a Formula 1 market. Technical analysis of this weekend's Formula 1 Bahrain GP Betfair graphs. How to use charts to make F1 predictions.

Oscar prediction graphs: Lincoln loses, Argo wins

Plenty of 2013 Oscar predictions are expected to go public until the 24th of February. Experts will try analyzing the Oscar nominees down to...

What is stop loss in football odds trading?

Sweden’s dropping odds in tonight’s international friendly football game against England is a great example to explain what stop loss is in Betfair trading!...

How Betting Trends predicted Election 2012 results

Apart from predicting the outcome of the Presidential Election 2012, betting on Next President has been quite popular with 40 million euros having exchanged...

Trend Trading using Horse Racing Candlestick Chart

When the trend is a friend, traders should be trading following that trend! Trend following is maybe the safest way to predict fixed odds...

Profitable Odds Trading of Ascot horse racing markets at Betfair

I know almost nothing about horse racing, yet I was quite successful in trading the fixed odds of horse racing markets at Betfair for...

Football Trading: Cut your Losses, Let Winners Run

I continued trading football odds today at Betfair after successfully trading Champions League yesterday. Five Europa League games got my attention this morning due...

Football Trading in Champions League: Investing in Drifters’ Odds

Laying Chelsea’s advancing odds in today’s Champions League game versus Juventus has been a profitable investment for Betfair traders. I actually laid Chelsea’s win...

Dropping Odds of Blackpool, Liverpool – Real Madrid drifter

There’s full action at European football leagues today and football odds are dropping or drifting for quite a few clubs. The graphs of 3...

Technical Analysis in Fixed Odds Trading: The Trading Range

The trading range in fixed odds trading is formed by support and resistance levels that have been confirmed at least twice. During a ranging...