Friday, December 8, 2023

Formula 1 Trading: How to Analyze Charts and Prepare for Race

Formula 1 trading can be less complicated with technical analysis. Prepare yourself for race time by analyzing odds charts and writing down a trading plan.

French Open 2013: How to trade the tournament winner

Tennis trading at the French Open 2013. Technical analysis on Nadal, Djokovic and Federer's graphs reveals setups that sports traders should try exploiting.

My experience with Betfair Trading graphs

These first articles at Trading Graphs are like an introduction and it feels like reinventing the wheel! While I admit I am a newbie...

Betfair trading: Technical Analysis at the Formula 1 Bahrain 2010

The first race of Formula 1 this season is Bahrain Grand Prix and Vettel will be starting from the pole position right in front...

How Betfair graphs can predict final results

Betfair graphs show the odds movement of an event. If many bettors back a team or a competitor, the betting odds will shorten and...

Technical Analysis in Live Sports Trading wastes time or makes money

Sports trading in betting exchanges often implicates basic technical analysis of betting graphs. Lightning fast betting in live events though, makes applying technical analysis...

Betfair Trading: How to Win €150 in 3 Horse Races [VIDEO]

While trading the Betfair UK horse racing markets using BetAngel Pro, I recorded my trading moves to show how to win against other sports...

Sports Trading the French Open 2011 Winner Market

Applying technical analysis to the Betfair graph of Rafael Nadal to win the French Open 2011 during last week helped enter a trade when...

Following Smart Money in Sports Trading: Espanyol – Getafe

The article is a round-up of my trade on sports that was described in detail in my Greek blog yesterday step-by-step. Due to interest...

Hoffenheim vs Hannover: Sports Trading Pregame

I put a new sports trading system to the test today. One of the picks led me to trade pregame the odds of Hoffenheim...

Smart Money in Tennis Betting or Gambling Addiction?

Tennis games usually include heavy betting and smart money often upsets Betfair graphs. Would you consider a EUR120,000 bet in set betting smart money...

Live Trading a Breakout in Horse Racing Betfair Market [VIDEO]

A breakout above the resistance level was the reason I am publishing this sports trading video. The horse race took place this afternoon and...

Eurovision 2012 Betting odds and Betfair Graphs, Sweden to Win?

Sweden is the big favorite to win Eurovision 2012 trading at 2.80 over at the Betfair betting exchange. Russia is the second favorite bettors’...

Technical Analysis on Formula 1 Betting Graphs – Monaco GP, Grosjean...

Formula 1 visits Monaco this weekend and qualification results place Mark Webber at the pole position, as Michael Schumacher – the fastest driver on...

Technical Analysis in Formula 1 Betting Graphs – 2012 Drivers Championship

The betting graphs of Formula 1 drivers’ championship reveal declines and uptrends, which can be beneficial for sports traders interested in motor sports like...