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Huge Value For Punters in Champions League

The Champions League Last 16 is set to kick off in February with eight intriguing ties. The most eye-catching thing about the Group Stages...

Parameters and System Variables in a Football Betting System

The football betting system variables can be as simple as weather conditions and may be too complicated mathematical formulas and statistics.

Betting on Football Drifters or Dropping Odds

I have begun testing out a football betting system, according to which I predict a win if the team’s odds are dropping.  Likewise, I...

Betting odds shortening at Betfair for Nurnberg, Fiorentina and Lokomotiv

Many popular European football championships kick off today but gamblers don’t seem patient enough to avoid betting in the first championship games. Odds movements...

Strange online betting activity at Brazil vs Belarus football game

Scanning the Olympics 2012 betting markets at the online sports betting exchange, Betfair, I stumbled into the Brazil vs Belarus football game that is...