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F1, The Bookmaker’s don’t embrace it, but they bet on it...

A little under than 2.5 million people watched the Australian Grand Prix, the 2016 F1 season curtain raiser.  While the figure represents a big...

Twitter, it’s More Than Just a Bit of Fun

Two examples of how the bookmakers can be beaten. It is very much a case of finding information and acting on it quickly. Twitter has come to our rescue.

F1 2015 Season Match Bets

Although the Formula 1 2015 early testing sessions can be massively misleading, here's an analysis of the F1 2015 constructors and drivers championship.

Hamilton or Rosberg? Who will win F1 drivers’ championship?

Rosberg is 14 points ahead of Hamilton in Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2014. Are they enough for the title? Betting odds chart analysis gives a hint.

Canada, Sports unLimited

The question has to be asked, in what other than poker globally recognised sports does Canada play a leading role on the world stage?

Spanish GP, it has to be Alonso without the Big Two

The big question is who will finish third in Formula 1 Spanish GP. Former World Champion Fernando Alonso has the best overall profile beyond the ‘big two’.

Formula 1 Trading: How to Analyze Charts and Prepare for Race

Formula 1 trading can be less complicated with technical analysis. Prepare yourself for race time by analyzing odds charts and writing down a trading plan.

Formula 1 Bahrain GP: Nico Rosberg’s surprise

Betfair trading a Formula 1 market. Technical analysis of this weekend's Formula 1 Bahrain GP Betfair graphs. How to use charts to make F1 predictions.

Betfair Trading Tips of Formula 1 drivers’ graphs – Hungarian GP...

Formula 1 is visiting Hungary this weekend and Hamilton has already set the fastest time in both of the first two Practice sessions. With...

Betfair Trading Tips of Formula 1 drivers’ graphs – German GP...

Formula 1 drivers are racing today in Germany. Betting odds fluctuations of German GP 2012 have offered a couple of Betfair trading opportunites but...

Trading 2012 Formula 1 Drivers Championship betting graphs [TECHNICAL ANALYSIS]

Technical analysis on 2012 Formula 1 drivers championship betting graphs shows two key support levels that could predict Vettel’s car abandoning the race and...