Jim Makos

By advantage gambling and investing with real money online, Jim puts his money where his mouth is. He also writes about his success or failure and runs a small business.

Technical Analysis in Live Sports Trading wastes time or makes money

Sports trading in betting exchanges often implicates basic technical analysis of betting graphs. Lightning fast betting in live events though, makes applying technical analysis...

Quantsports brings Ninja Trader to Betfair

Ninja Trader, a powerful stock trading technical analysis charting software, and Betfair, the leading sports betting exchange, can now be combined to help sports...

How Betfair graphs can predict final results

Betfair graphs show the odds movement of an event. If many bettors back a team or a competitor, the betting odds will shorten and...

Betfair trading: Technical Analysis at the Formula 1 Bahrain 2010

The first race of Formula 1 this season is Bahrain Grand Prix and Vettel will be starting from the pole position right in front...

My experience with Betfair Trading graphs

These first articles at Trading Graphs are like an introduction and it feels like reinventing the wheel! While I admit I am a newbie...