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Trump a Back-to-Lay in Republican Race

He left office with his country in turmoil and as popular as a case of gonorrhoea yet now, seven years later, George W. Bush’ little brother is favourite to lead the Republican Party into the next Presidential Election.

Hamilton or Rosberg? Who will win F1 drivers’ championship?

Rosberg is 14 points ahead of Hamilton in Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2014. Are they enough for the title? Betting odds chart analysis gives a hint.

Formula 1 Trading: How to Analyze Charts and Prepare for Race

Formula 1 trading can be less complicated with technical analysis. Prepare yourself for race time by analyzing odds charts and writing down a trading plan.

Betting Volume as Variable in a System could make a Difference!

Betting volume is usually known only to bookmakers. Yet, betting exchanges offer a way to take a peak of the betting turnover and use it in a system.

How Betfair Premium Charges increase Commission in Sports Betting

Betfair launched Betfair Premium Charges, an additional charge on top of the basic commission (5%). How does that extra charge affect your betting system?

How Commission affects the Profitability of Sports Betting Systems

Do betting exchanges offer the best odds? Their commission can seriously affect those odds and, consequently, your sports betting system's profitability.

Sports Trading in Online Betting. Do you know what it means?

In online betting, sports trading is a combination of two or more bets which are placed on speculation for an anticipated outcome before it’s decided.

How to Select an Online Bookmaker for Sports Betting

When selecting an online bookmaker to bet online, pay attention to deposit and withdrawal options, customer support, reviews and available odds!

French Open 2013: How to trade the tournament winner

Tennis trading at the French Open 2013. Technical analysis on Nadal, Djokovic and Federer's graphs reveals setups that sports traders should try exploiting.

Formula 1 Bahrain GP: Nico Rosberg’s surprise

Betfair trading a Formula 1 market. Technical analysis of this weekend's Formula 1 Bahrain GP Betfair graphs. How to use charts to make F1 predictions.

Betting on Football Drifters or Dropping Odds

I have begun testing out a football betting system, according to which I predict a win if the team’s odds are dropping.  Likewise, I...

What is stop loss in football odds trading?

Sweden’s dropping odds in tonight’s international friendly football game against England is a great example to explain what stop loss is in Betfair trading!...

How Betting Trends predicted Election 2012 results

Apart from predicting the outcome of the Presidential Election 2012, betting on Next President has been quite popular with 40 million euros having exchanged...

Trend Trading using Horse Racing Candlestick Chart

When the trend is a friend, traders should be trading following that trend! Trend following is maybe the safest way to predict fixed odds...

Profitable Odds Trading of Ascot horse racing markets at Betfair

I know almost nothing about horse racing, yet I was quite successful in trading the fixed odds of horse racing markets at Betfair for...