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Online or land-based bookmakers – Which is better?

Both online and offline sportsbooks continue to grow more popular. Find out more about the positives and negatives to each and how they measure up.

Best Odds – Guaranteed Profit

With the introduction of 'Best Odds Guaranteed', betting on horse racing might seem beatable. Is that the case? We put a simple betting system to the test.

Is Your Money Safe in Online Betting Accounts?

How safe is your money sitting inside your online betting account at either your favorite bookmaker or poker room? 5 tips to protect your money online.

Why Cash Out in Sports Betting will Cost you Money

Impatient gamblers are easily tempted by the newest Cash Out tool, introduced by sports betting operators. Yet, they can only see the cheese.

Betting against the trend System: Exploiting market’s Inefficiency

A sports betting system that picks winners whose odds are drifting. Why if proven profitable, the system is the proof of betting market's inefficiency.

The Whopping Effect of Odds Comparison on Sports Betting

How important is odds comparison in sports betting? A study of the increase in your betting system's success rate to offset the low odds you are betting on!

How Commission affects the Profitability of Sports Betting Systems

Do betting exchanges offer the best odds? Their commission can seriously affect those odds and, consequently, your sports betting system's profitability.

How to Select an Online Bookmaker for Sports Betting

When selecting an online bookmaker to bet online, pay attention to deposit and withdrawal options, customer support, reviews and available odds!