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Keep Track of your Betting Performance with an Excel Spreadsheet

How do you know if you are good in online betting? Monitoring your betting performance in an Excel spreadsheet will give you the unquestionable answer.

Norway chance to win Eurovision 2014 soars in online betting

First Eurovision 2014 predictions based on online betting charts: Norway favorite to win, Sweden and Hungary next. UK odds are declining.

Slippage in Sports Trading: What it means and why you should...

What is slippage in sports trading? Slippage is very important in online betting, as it costs money in the long run ruining an otherwise profitable system.

6 Stupid Staking Plan Ideas that will Hurt your Wallet

Deciding on a staking plan is an easy task. Yet a badly thought plan and misconceptions of money management will severely affect your betting performance.

Best Staking Plan: Flat Betting or Kelly Criterion?

What is the best staking plan to implement in a betting system? Begin with flat betting; if you're profitable, apply complex plans like the Kelly criterion.

Capital for earning Extra Income via Sports Betting

How much capital is needed for a career in sports betting? It's too difficult to earn an extra income by betting, no matter what they'll tell you!

Making Money with Specialization in Sports Betting

Specialization in sports betting means that the knowledge you gain by focusing on a single sport or league, will make money in the long run.

Sports Betting and Trading: Are you ready for the switch?

Sports betting and trading: More and more bettors think sports trading is an easier way to make money compared to the traditional sports betting.

How Commission affects the Profitability of Sports Betting Systems

Do betting exchanges offer the best odds? Their commission can seriously affect those odds and, consequently, your sports betting system's profitability.

10 Tips to Stop Losing Money in Sports Betting

Before you begin making money in sports betting, you need to learn how to stop losing money! Here are some tips to get you started.

Sports Trading in Online Betting. Do you know what it means?

In online betting, sports trading is a combination of two or more bets which are placed on speculation for an anticipated outcome before it’s decided.

How to Select an Online Bookmaker for Sports Betting

When selecting an online bookmaker to bet online, pay attention to deposit and withdrawal options, customer support, reviews and available odds!

Parameters and System Variables in a Football Betting System

The football betting system variables can be as simple as weather conditions and may be too complicated mathematical formulas and statistics.

How to Select the Right Online Bets

Selecting the right online bets comes down to the correct correlation between the available betting odds and the chance percentage of your bet.

Strange online betting activity at Brazil vs Belarus football game

Scanning the Olympics 2012 betting markets at the online sports betting exchange, Betfair, I stumbled into the Brazil vs Belarus football game that is...