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Slippage in Sports Trading: What it means and why you should...

What is slippage in sports trading? Slippage is very important in online betting, as it costs money in the long run ruining an otherwise profitable system.

Do you use a Stop Loss when Trading in Sports Betting?

There are 3 reasons why you need to set a stop loss when trading in sports betting: minimize your losses, define risk/reward ratio, gain discipline.

Support and Resistance Levels in Sports Trading

Support and resistance levels are horizontal lines, connecting multiple points on a betting graph. They help in fine tuning your entry in sports trading.

How to Draw a Trendline on a Betting Graph

Drawing a trendline on a betting chart indicates if odds are dropping or drifting. That shows whether people believe there is value at those odds or not.

Betting Volume as Variable in a System could make a Difference!

Betting volume is usually known only to bookmakers. Yet, betting exchanges offer a way to take a peak of the betting turnover and use it in a system.

Sports Trading is Sports Betting on steroids!

Sports trading promises more profit potential and a greater return on investment (ROI) in comparison to conventional sports betting. Why's that?

How Betfair Premium Charges increase Commission in Sports Betting

Betfair launched Betfair Premium Charges, an additional charge on top of the basic commission (5%). How does that extra charge affect your betting system?

Sports Betting and Trading: Are you ready for the switch?

Sports betting and trading: More and more bettors think sports trading is an easier way to make money compared to the traditional sports betting.

Sports Trading in Online Betting. Do you know what it means?

In online betting, sports trading is a combination of two or more bets which are placed on speculation for an anticipated outcome before it’s decided.