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Top Grand National Betting Odds

The Grand National may just be the most exciting horse race on the British racing calendar, giving its history of betting surprises. The average...

If the odds change after you place a bet what happens?

If you are thinking of placing a bet at an online sportsbook you may be wondering what happens if the odds change after you...

US Election Betting Trends Ahead of Super Tuesday 3

The chart analysis for both the primaries and nominations’ betting markets predict how the odds will play out following Super Tuesday’s results.

How to exploit a drifting odds’ reversal in football betting

We don't need strictly declining odds for our bets to work out. Even when betting odds are drifting, we can still exploit them as long as they reverse.

Why (and How) Sharp Gamblers Move the Betting Line

ESPN published a report on Billy Walters, one of the world's sharpest gamblers. Here's what you should learn from it if you are struggling in sports betting.

From Super Bowl XLIX to NFL 2015 season

Predictions and betting odds for the NFL 2015 season. A brief overview of the entire schedule. Is it too early to give a prediction of Super Bowl 50?

New York Red Bulls v Chicago Fire: A betting market priced...

US bettors are saying New York Red Bulls odds were too short against Chicago Fire. Are they still too short, or is it time to value bet on the home team?

Oscars 2014 favourite-longshot bias and how bettors predict winners

People tend to bet on long shots hoping for a miracle win, even in Oscar 2014 awards. Sharp bettors meanwhile take advantage of the generous favourite odds.

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News. Does the saying apply to...

Buying the rumor and selling the news in sports betting means to bet according to a rumor and trade out when that rumor becomes news. Or just follow smart money!

Slippage in Sports Trading: What it means and why you should...

What is slippage in sports trading? Slippage is very important in online betting, as it costs money in the long run ruining an otherwise profitable system.

Do you use a Stop Loss when Trading in Sports Betting?

There are 3 reasons why you need to set a stop loss when trading in sports betting: minimize your losses, define risk/reward ratio, gain discipline.

Stjernen v Lillehammer: Predicting the Winner due to Dropping Odds

I may know nothing about ice hockey, but I can see an odds decline when it's happening. Stjernen odds against Lillehammer fell from 6.00 to 3.50. I'm sold.

Support and Resistance Levels in Sports Trading

Support and resistance levels are horizontal lines, connecting multiple points on a betting graph. They help in fine tuning your entry in sports trading.

How to Draw a Trendline on a Betting Graph

Drawing a trendline on a betting chart indicates if odds are dropping or drifting. That shows whether people believe there is value at those odds or not.

The Whopping Effect of Odds Comparison on Sports Betting

How important is odds comparison in sports betting? A study of the increase in your betting system's success rate to offset the low odds you are betting on!